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Why Must I Date A Man With A Good Job?

Please this topic isn’t for girls below the age of 21 would not advice that because I still believe there are still very young and have the changes of experiencing life dating a man with a job is like the next step of having a serious relationship maybe when thinking of settle down …then I would say it is as important as drinking water… when I say job I mean not just any kind of job but a really good job. There are different reason you have to date a man with a job most girls date man with jobs when they are coming from a poor background someone to take care of their needs others are for different reasons maybe just to be a “gold digger” as they say use his money and dump him… but here I am talking about man who are serious with their job and I will like to list out reason why you should date them.

There Different Reasons why should girls date a man with a good job


You can’t impose a relationship on this kind of man because he know why he’s looking for… it just like carrying $6000 or more going to a phone store to buy an iPhone…… imagine the seller tells you to buy a Samsung you will definitely refuse because you know why you want an iPhone… They can’t go for someone less than who they desire so even if you throw yourself at them sweetheart you wasting your time because he don’t need you. Its better you find out what he’s is looking for and only way you can is by being his friend.


It might not be all but 80% of them are faithful because they really don’t have much time to flirt around with other girls, they are more focused on their particular jobs …i.e. how to make enough money and how to make an impact in the company…. You tend to see a lot of them been workaholic but they’re ways in which you can deal with a workaholic…… so if you want a faithful man you can go ahead and look for the serious ones. That’s why you should date a man with a good job.


Most times they really don’t have time for fun or jokes I mean relationship that would lead nowhere…. Relationship that would be a waste of time…. They are looking for the real deal i.e. the wife qualities ….. You notice they observe your characters a lot…… when making enough money the next thing to do is settle down …. I mean for the matured guys but not for all… not all guys wants marriage just need to know the right one…….. 80% of them are in for marriage … so girls if you looking to settle down go for a working class ….. Okay!!!!


Due to the problems they face at work they tend to be a bit more understand than other guys they know your demands…. They know what to do to please you at a particular time …. They understand your mode slings and know how to deal with it ….. And you know understanding is one thing that keeps or makes a relationship because without it a relationship can stumble to the ground. … A relationship can be totally destroyed…… so if you need an understanding man you can go ahead and date them.


Tolerating an annoying boss for more than 8years don’t you think they would be able to tolerate you…? Definitely he can tolerate you…… but doesn’t mean you should take it to the limit because then you will just loss him just has the can tolerate he won’t have the time to listen to you.


They love to know the desires of their woman they want to be sure of her needs… they want to be sure of her desires …. They would want to listen to know what she needs at that particular moment what she desires from him as a spouses… listen to know where he is lacking as a spouse and how to prove in where he is lacking.


Yes!!!! He’s cautious of how he spends his money doesn’t mean he won’t help you out in you need…. Most time they take your financial burdens on their head meaning they take responsibility for all of your financial expenses……which is good but shouldn’t be abuse by you when abused he tends to withdraw.


He loves surprising his lady with gift …… most times flower … he loves special dinner… and everything that would make his lady feel special… anything that would make her feel on top of the world.


Dating a working class will definitely improve your social status … depending on the rank he is at his work place…. Depends on where he is placed at work….. If he’s rank is so high definitely you be placed her but if not so high … u still be placed somewhere because you be recognized by his colleagues has his lady.


Most times they do have strong impact on their ladies ….. changing her way of dressing , eating etc. for e.g. you dating the director of a company he would want you to dress as a director as well I been he would want you to be polished and be classic in whatever you are doing…. Most of the things you do before you have to stop to reach his own status ….. Most times it might be challenging for you especially when it has form to be a habit might be very difficult for you to let go for …. Like a girl who loves dressing casual meet a man of that length has to change her dressing code to what might suite him … which might turn to be so uncomfortable for her because it entails her changing our dressing pattern …. Most times it becomes very challenging.


They have gone through up and downs in life they know most of the do and don’t in life and can really aid you on becoming a better person in life …. Most of these things are advising you on how to manage money….. Especially does girls that spends extravagantly ….. Teach you about investment and so many other things and you need to know so to me…. I would say it is a huge benefit to you…

Well they are many more reason in which you need to know on dating a man with a job and yes they are positive things also they are negative things as well it would be sol wrong of me to tell you the positive aspect without telling you the negative aspect I might just list most of the negative aspect…


Sometimes achieving a high degree of financial success comes at the cost of being married to one’s work. Your guy might habitually put work ahead of his personal relationships and spend more time dealing with his job or business than he does with you. However, this also might be a boon if you’re the independent type and like to have your space.


You may be accused of being a “gold digger,” whether it’s true or not. Chances are good that this might come from him in the midst of an argument, from friends or family or even from strangers. You may not be accused to your face, but people might make this assumption, especially if he happens to be significantly older than you are.


When one partner brings more money to the table than the other, this can create a power struggle in a relationship. One or both of you might feel this way because you can’t help but recognize the higher degree of economic power he wields.


Most times they believe they are too good for you especially when you as a girl is jobless ….. They believe you can’t advice then and that they are superior to you …… to me one thing I hate is when a man belittle me…. And it’s really come with guys with jobs they believe without them you are unable to survive or you can’t make anything out of life without them in your life.

Here you go those are the negativity but there are more but these are the little I can come up with its left for you to decide… well I would say it not a must for you to date a man with a job when you are not ready to settle down but when you are ready it’s important you do so because you need a man capable of taking care of you and your unborn kids and please as a female try get something doing don’t want for a man with a job you can get a job as well…… I hope this helps …… have any questions please Ask me!!!!! Take care

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