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Tips On Keeping Your Man


It is one thing to have a relationship and it is another thing to know how to keep your man happy. Men are difficult people to handle, cause they are so unpredictable and we can’t leave without them some people may disagree with me but it is the truth most of us have gone through several heartbreaks because of the silly mistakes we make when dating a man but her I wont to tell you some tips you can follow to turn the table around in your next relationship. These tips are mistakes I have made in my relationship and the reason most of the guys left me… I decided to share with you so you would not make the same mistake. It is important as a female to learn from others mistakes to perfect your own life and it’s advisable you interact with ladies that can bring profit to your lives because ,most times your friends gives you wrong advice to take your man away from you …. But here I am to correct that wrong advice and to point out the mistake we ladies make. This are for ladies who are really dedicated to their man and really want to do everything possible to keep this man they love with their whole hearts.


Honesty is very important not just in a relationship but as well in life. It helps you to  keep your man happy. A honest person is always favored by people, well i wasn’t so honest in my relationship believing that he has not right to know but girl that so wrong he deserves to know… you know why because it is his responsibility to keep you safe. Man hate dishonest woman….. Just as how Aloe Vera taste bitter in the mouth and you spit it out that how man spite out dishonest woman…. they can’t leave anything in your care because you never tell them the truth…. you end up pushing him away so if you are a victim of this “ PLEASE STOP” .


Sweethearts, we all know man are so proud and they really want to feel on top of the world…… if that how he want to feel then go ahead and make him feel that way… special dinners.. Breakfast in bed… for me i serve my man now like a king… you will say why should i? Because he deserves it he deserves that love baby it so hard for a man to admit he loves a woman and when he does make him feel at home…..


We all know that men are so playful….. As a child you notice the male children plays more than the female….. It’s the same thing when he’s all grown up… He wants a woman he can play with a woman he can joke around with from time to time… well me I most time play wrestling with him….. Funny right but what can i do if that what makes him giggle like a baby, laugh all through the night them yah! I will keep doing it find out what he loves doing, if it football go ahead play with him … it helps a lot. When another girl comes around and he remembers how much fun he has with you than you hear him say “SORRY LADY I GOT A WONDERFUL GIRL”… Won’t you like that I know u would… so go on play with him and try to keep your man happy.


DONT….. Guys love their freedom … they hate POLICE WOMAN, always wanting to check his phone, his contact list who came to his house etc he hates all that i have experience that at lot my man had complained a lot about it and in fact I have lost a lot of relationship because of this same thing. I will advice you if he is yours he is and no one will take him away from you… dear just try him right that all you need to do.. Because definitely you will see something in that phone which would hurt you…. so it’s better you don’t check.


Jezzzz….. This is one thing i know a guy hates so much a nagging girl….. They can’t stand a nagging girlfriend…. and i tell you if you are one just know you have lost him because a girl outside who doesn’t nag will take him away so quickly. I know all girls nags but you can reduce yours or rather avoid anything that would make you nag… Run AWAY from anything i mean anything that would make you nag. I was a nagger and when I saw the light i had to stop immediately although i still nag a bit but not as much as I did before….. So please reduce the way you nag okay!!!!!


HMMMM……….. if you do this you telling go ahead and look for another woman because you are not good enough for me . Yes you can admire another person relationship but don’t compare it with your because all you can see it what they want to show. They are always cockroaches in the cupboards always thing you might not know…. instead of comparing work on your relationship and make it better…. make it what you want it to be okay……


OMG….. I hate when girl demand too much from a man…. gosh babe he’s your boyfriend not your bank … common …… you make him feel you just in for the money and if that really why you dating him and please i beg you forget about that relationship it won’t work out…. man respect independent women don’t be too independent …. i mean when he wants to get you things at will and you say “ I GOT MONEY TO BUY IT MYSELF”…Common that just sick… yes he can buy things for you at will but please don’t demand don’t demand… it destroys relationship okay! You Need to care about how to keep your man happy all the time.


A man loves a woman who can listen to these problems, in fact listen to him whenever his talking … either his talking rubbish… is slow to answer but quick to listen whenever he want to speak be available to listen. This is one thing i know that drives a man to another woman’s arm… if you don’t want to listen to him he will go ahead and look for someone who wants to listen, if he finds you gone …. You know why? Because she will take much of his time.


Loads of girls do this a lot because they feel, he will step up his game … he isn’t going to step up his game…. You just putting him into someone else’s hands.. Well I am a victim as well and really if your ex is much better than your current then why did he dump you or why did you dump him? …. Funny right my man asked me that question and i really had nothing to say……. So it better you are satisfied with what you have or you go back to that ex….. and dear going back to him he might still use you all over again and dump you…..My rule is i can’t go back to you if i have broken up with you or you have broken up with me…. i can’t go back to my mess but i will use my mess to correct my future you get. So whenever he breaks up and it hurt a lot tell yourself you won’t make the same mistake again.

I can go on and on and on but i have to stop here. I want you to understand these little things you can only want to keep your man happy … someone you believe if not a part of you your life would turn out differently….. This article isn’t for girls who are dating for money or for sex….. My advice to you that is a very reason to start dating…. because when all those are gone what else do you have…. absolutely nothing.. so please start dating for the right reason . This tips are easy only to those who are determined … dears if you not determined to keep your man.. These tips won’t work for you .. you know why? Because when you determined you can then be patient for the outcome but when you aren’t determined your patience will run slim so it about determination.

All these are mistake I made in my relationships … and have been corrected by the guys I dated…so didn’t just search them…. they are all life experience… So follow these tips and don’t miss any i mean don’t miss any…. because this are also traits guys likes in girls and before i forget dress sexy … the way you dress can as well make you keep your man because you show him what he’s going to miss if he leaves you. I hope this all help you in your next relationship or your current….. ANY QUESTION PLEASE ASK ????

Suranjan Mandal

Suranjan Mandal is a Professional Blogger, Super Affiliate, Internet Marketer and full-time Graphic designer with over 8 years experience in online business. AskmeQuery is where he shares creative marketing ideas.

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