Tiger – Full Movie

During the winter season in Tokyo, two disillusioned models fall in love. When their stay extends, the relationship combusts.

Winner of the Special Jury Prize at Japan’s Pia Film Festival.

Written and directed by James McFay.
Cinematography/production by Sean Walker.
With Rachel Blais and James McFay.
Sound by Rin Takada.
Focus by Gen Ito.
Also starring Pierre Olivier-Beaudoin, Rebecca Victoria, Rory Stewart and Beata Vildzeviciute.
With a soundtrack featuring Steve Roach, College, DVAS, Cassian and Beaufort.

For full credits, or to buy this movie on a 2-disc set, with an entirely new soundtrack inspired by the film and composed by Beaufort, model interviews, deleted scenes, rehearsal footage and a short film, go to beaufort.asia.

For music, films and even a book of short stories by Beaufort, go to beaufort.asia or like us on Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Beaufort/164766124602

Email: wearebeaufort@gmail.com

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