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Does Rubbing Your Breast Makes It Bigger?

This is a difficult question but also a very easy one, many of you lovely ladies are facing low self-esteem because you are not comfortable or rather you do not appreciate your body type….. which is very wrong…. well I understand how you feel because I was once in that same shoe but if not for the wonderful man am dating I really don’t know what I would have done I think I would have been worst by now. Ladies if a man isn’t comfortable with your body type please I beg you forget about him, he doesn’t deserve you, there are guys out there who will love you the way you are, I have seen various girl’s committing huge mistake not just that taking huge risks, just because they want to impress a guy, “that is just so wrong my dear”. The man doesn’t deserve you at all, cause of he did he would accept your body the way it is but this isn’t my focus today am focusing on the question “can rubbing my breast increase the size”….. Yes definitely yes rubbing your breast can make your breast big

Researchers have found that massaging or rubbing of your breast can definitely make your breast big if you do it regularly and properly I mean if you do it “Everyday”. From Monday down to Sunday not skipping any day ….surprising right yes it is , I was surprise myself that I found a safer way and how it worked but won’t give you the exact result you might need because it’s a process that takes time… you just have to be patient if you want to see the result. Just like the saying goes “A patient dog eats the fattest bone”, you can get the best results only if you are patient okay!.

I know how difficult it has been for you with a small sized breast, how difficult it has been wearing some sexy clothes and no breast to bring out the beauty of the cloth, or rather people can you names… that can be very challenging because I went through the same thing but dear the best thing to do is turn a deaf ear to all they are saying….. “Don’t listen” because if you keep listening you are only killing yourself….. you can go ahead and try this saver ways than doing a plastic surgery which you are very scared of, as I said it might not give you the same result a plastic surgery will but in some months it might give u a comfortable size although it might take a bit longer than that…. This methods are just like doing some exercise yes!!!! You will feel pain but not so much pain compared to the one you will feel after a plastic surgery…….

Note! Not every way you massage your breast will yield an increase they are technique you have to apply in massaging your breast, to get the size that you might be comfortable with.

Hmmm!!!!!!!! You want to know these techniques you sure you ready to know this techniques, run get a writing material ………..then go ahead and write this.


It sound crazy right but it is so true holding your boobs together will yield a change in the size of your breast. First you hold your breast together like if you want to pray for about 20seconds than you release and repeat the same procedures…. This is because of the friction of hands on your breast. You see that isn’t so bad it very easy


You can go ahead and do this every day before going to work or maybe before going to school you can definitely use your normal cream applying them on your boobs and rubbing or massaging the boobs with this cream this process prepares your breast skin for stimulation whereby preparing a good environment for growth cells.


Scary right but it true massaging the lumps aid a lot in the development of the breast.
Researcher have found out that when your lymph nodes get massaged properly it will unblock them and help things flowing properly and this things are the hormones responsible for breast growth. What I do is:

• Rub my body down with slight pressure in the direction of my lymph nodes, this direction is going to be from the nipple outward in all directions…… make sure you do it right before you can see result. This helps in the development of the breast due to the estrogen activities


Funny name but very important this is when you push the fat from any part of your body down to your boobs how possible is that? Sweetheart it is verge possible just try it especially do it the way I did it.
• Hold your hands together place it on the fatty part of your body them push it up down to your boobs area
• Make sure you feel the fat moving, it has to move for you to know it is working.
• You can either stand or lay down but I lay down to do this procedure it helps you aim the fat properly.
I repeated this procedure 3 times in a day but you can choose to do it at any time of the day.


Hahaha slap the biggest out sister but don’t slap it too hard but moderate for you to know it working it has to sting you when you slapping it. You just don’t slap the front of your breast but you slap the areas around your breast. “The areas around”….. Please don’t you frustration to slap it ….. You just going to make it worst ….. hahahahaa slap it with love but note! It has to sting.


One of the easiest method it is so easy just grab your boobs move the right clockwise and the left anticlockwise repeat for like 30seconds non stop I would advice you do this inside of your room and you stand while doing this process. It yields a faster result .


This is another good way of developing the size of your breast I call it rotate it oh rotate it.
• Stay in a way where you can easily can your breast you can either stand or sit … any position that gives you comfort
• Put your palms on each breast.
• Begin rubbing your breasts in an inward, circular motion.
• Press downward firmly.
• Rotate breasts beneath palms
• Rotate the breasts themselves instead of just rubbing your palms across the skin.
• Simultaneously rotate both breasts.
• Do about 300 rotations, which will take around 5 minutes to complete. (You can do less if your arms get tired).

Another way you can do this procedure is to you will need to hold your breasts in the palm of your hands and rotate them into your cleavage area. You have to massage for 180 to 365 rotations to complete each session.

Well everything has side effect has a good part as well it has a bad part too. This massages also does have their side effect some of which are listed down here, Pain in hands, Pain in arms, tender breasts – reduce rotations, more firmness in breasts, reduced menstrual flow, pain in breasts – Growing pains… can’t ever complain because they mean there’s something happening, soreness in breasts……… Girls when all these happens do not complain but rather be happy so happy because this means whatever you are doing is very much effective.

You see ……all these are so much easy to follow, you can decide to do all exercises or choose to do some of the exercises… if you so desperate then sister go ahead and do all exercise but get ready for the pain afterwards,,, here are most of the techniques I used and saw a change in the size of my breast…., they are many more ways to make your breast big without going for surgery ….. Some use herbs some change up their diet but right here I just answered a question that was asked!!!!! But you really want to know my advice its really doesn’t matter the shape of your breast girl….. Having a big breast doesn’t make him love you more ….. You know one thing I know about breast is it draws the wrong man to you, I mean man that would just sleep with you and dump you. You know something my man always tells me, I love your body the way it is because I don’t want you to draw the wrong men to yourself you deserve the best. Hell yes!!!!!! We deserve the best sister you deserve the best. What I am saying don’t do this cause you trying to impress a man because as at the end he just turns out dumping you. Appreciate your body because you got the best body… the very best. YOU GOT QUESTIONS GO AHEAD AND ASK ME?

Suranjan Mandal

Suranjan Mandal is a Professional Blogger, Super Affiliate, Internet Marketer and full-time Graphic designer with over 8 years experience in online business. AskmeQuery is where he shares creative marketing ideas.

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