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Well, everyone has something doing either you are working, schooling, writing etc they are so many things that I can’t really mention now…This generation now is a very competitive one…this not the time to relax in your day to day activities but it is the time to bring out your hidden talents…well the topic is a very complex one but I want to narrow it down, in a term where you will understand were am heading to…I love writing and writing has become of the greatest sources of income now why? Because every one reads…everyone except an illiterate but they listen anyway…Back to what I was saying everyone reads either newspaper, articles, blogs, entertainment news, books, novel etc but if you table it down a writer is the one responsible for all these…. and now due to the fact that this generation is very competitive…when I say competitive I mean everyone is fighting to get one goal and what is the goal? Hmmmm let me think….I guess we all can answer that …my goal is to be the best at what am doing to be the best writer , and maybe as a student your goal is to be the best in your university or your high schools, others to be the best at your place of work…For the writers to be the best writer, for the bloggers to have the best blog, for the musician to be the best…And so many other….I guess that why we have award of excellence to know the best also to appreciate the effort that was made by that person….so I want to go ahead and give you some tips, important tips that would help you as well guide you in your race of being the best.


To me prayer is the key…I mean the key to everything the key to your success , the key to you being the best …well I will speak as a Christian which I am…the bible says “ Ask me for wisdom, and understanding , I will give it to you”…Goes ahead and says only a man that search of wisdom as if he search for a treasure, will find wisdom” as well they says “In every matter of wisdom and understanding, the king found Daniel to be the best” all this revolves around prayer.. So I will advice pray more.


A saying goes “practice makes perfect” and yes practice make perfect for example if you want to learn how to speak Romanian definitely this cannot happen on the first day, you need to keep practicing before you become perfect in whatever you are learning……….A makeup artist becomes a professional because he or she practice all the time. A footballer becomes a professional because he or she will practice all the time…you know what does…Gives you an understanding on whatever you do and makes you perfect.


Researching is one of the best way to learn not just learn to improve in whatever you are doing…without researching you ne left in a stagnant position…i.e. You won’t be moving forward or backward…you just are in a particular position. ‘


For you to be the best you need to be able to learn from the mistakes of those higher than you…only then you can be perfect with whatever you do…To be the best you must be a good listener and a good listener…observes more before taking action.


“Life isn’t a bed of rose” most time things go bad most times you make mistakes but the most important thing is what you do after the mistake…Most great people we know now made some mistake…I made mistakes a lot and I am still making so get ready to make so mistakes.


Hmmm I don’t mean sleeping I mean don’t be too relaxed…. Okay let me explain…The first time I began writing I was condemned by so many people and I really didn’t know what to do. My first writing was so bad like really bad that I became so discourage to go on…I would say that was my first fall…But instead of me sleeping I kept on pushing to reach that point instead of me relaxing that I wasn’t go enough I decided to try harder….. yes it possible you might be facing the same thing I am facing okay maybe you trying to solve a mathematical equation which is so difficult you tried the first time and you didn’t get the answer and you stop trying because you believe you not good enough…I am trying to tell you to keep trying you will get there don’t lose hope.


To be the best you need guidance. No baby learns how to walk, talk, and play without being shown. People are around you to help you grow. So whatever it is you want to be the best at, find someone who does it. They don’t have to be the best, but they should be better than you. At least for right now. Having someone show you the ropes is so much easier — and faster — than learning it for yourself.


Alright, here’s a fact of life for you: There is not enough time in the day to have your cake and eat it, too. If you want to me the best at all your mathematics tests, you can’t spend every night in the bar with your friends. You will have to prioritize. You’ll have to skip out on things you want to do to make time for the things you need to do. You’ll need to spend hours upon hours building up your skills, which you can’t do if you’re doing anything else.


For the rest of your life, you will be your greatest obstacle. You will be the reason you don’t walk up to that sexy guy/girl, you will be the reason you don’t ask for that raise, you will be the reason you do or do not succeed. Thinking positively opens the door to so many opportunities. When you think you’re capable of something, you try. When you view life-like shooting a ball in a court, you aim the ball and shoot. When you get negative, you put down the ball walk away from the court and go to bed. No one ever became the best doing that.


You know that thing that you love? Well, how are you going to do it? Since you’re well aware there are a dozen ways to go about it, which one’s for you? Start brainstorming. Come up with things that will propel you on your path to being incredible. Things that get you on track.


This is actually what I do everyday. At the end of the day, I go outside and sit down and think about the day’s events. What worked out? What didn’t? What could I have done better? What am I glad I did and not so glad I didn’t? If I don’t step back to think about these things, to think about where I am, I’ll never know where to go and how to get there. So it is important you all try this it actually helped me so much and I believe it would do the same to you…Only if you try.


This is the, most important I don’t believe you can achieve anything in life when you don’t believe in yourself. I want to tell you a little experience of mine I loved singing and I would say am pretty good at it but I had no believe no trust in myself I believed I had an ugly voice….. I took a step of faith and join the choir…And before you know it I started singing back up…And all these happened because I decided to believe in myself. A lot can come your way only if you believe and you can as well achieve a lot by believing.

There are absolutely more tips but this in the little I can come up follow them accordingly…. Trust me it will be very helpful….. Before using these tips ask yourself this question if you are really determined on being the best because without determination …….. You can become frustrated on the way and you will definitely miss the road ….. So please and please find out what you really what before you begin don’t do it for a friend or boyfriend or family do it for me.

Suranjan Mandal

Suranjan Mandal is a Professional Blogger, Super Affiliate, Internet Marketer and full-time Graphic designer with over 8 years experience in online business. AskmeQuery is where he shares creative marketing ideas.

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