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How To Get Your Husband Back easily

Marriage is a union between two people ordained by GOD, going biblically, it says “A man will live his house and join with his wife and the two will become one.” ….. that says as a single man you are not complete except you get married, as well as a single woman ….. well I know must will disagree but the fact remains that living alone is not advisable at all and from the beginning GOD told us to go to the word and multiple, meaning we are meant to get married..

80% of the marriages this days have ended up in divorce or separation because of the fact that they believe they are not right for each other or they cant leave together well my opinon…that’s a lie…A BIG FAT LIE…you are right for each other , you just allowed your love die, or for the ladies you allowed him slip out of your arm, not even trying to get him back…crying on your pillow for days and raising the kids alone no no no no no that has to stop….

It is nice to raise a kid on your own but I tell you it is not easily, to be a man as well as the woman, working extra hours sleepless night, dear no… later in when he or she asks for his/ her father what will you do?

Because it will definitely happen why do you find ways to put an end to it now, ways you can stop it, ways you can sustain your home even when the problem seems unbearable….Most times we make the mistake from the beginning is being so desperate about getting married because your friends are already married…so carried away by love that we forget in the fame of love you have to use our head most times your heart can lead you astray.

Well I don’t just speak words, but I speak by my experience or the experiences of those around me…well I will say I am so bitter that some marriages have to end in divorces…it is against my law…Why take the vow in the first place … it is for better and for worse..not only for better…

“Not everything that glitters is Gold”, don’t judge a book by its cover…We always do that judge books by their covers and end up heartbroken…

Well i want to help you….I really want too, in any way i can help you…so here are some tips that will help or guide you in getting back that part of your heart that you can’t live without because to me …your husband’s heart and yours becomes ONE when you get married.


Many of us are from different religions some Christian, Muslims, Hindi etc but all we have in common is prayer , we all pray to our God, we pray to communicate with our God…And I believe you put him in the hands of God…I am talking as a Christian…. the bible say you and him will become one…Remind God of his word; remind him of what he said…Believe there is no heart that God can’t touch no heart to stiff all you have to do is believe.


Do the things he likes best, for the fact you are his wife…. you should know him best…. you should know what makes him happy as well as what makes him said….. Do what makes him happy because his gone and you need to do whatever it takes for you to gain back his love.


Go back and find out what made him fall in love with you and repeat all those things again…no matter how hard his heart is as far as he has fallen for you in the first place definitely he will fall for you again so go back.


Now he will tend to make you angry all the time because of those home breakers…but you need to learn how to be tolerant…. Tolerate him, tolerate him even when it hurts a lot…… you can do it…i know you can…Tolerance goes a long way because they are times he brings up silly things to get you angry…whenever he sees whatever his doing you are being patient and calm about it he will definitely stop and become nicer to you.


WELL yes!!!!!! Dressing goes a long way and a man can be very attracted to your dressing….maybe the way you dressed was what drag him to you in the first place…and during the marriage you changed your dressing code definitely it would fact him…Why will it? Because he tends to look outside for what he needs…. and in other for you to put him on track you have to dress the way the wants you to dress.


Men hate nagging wives yes!!!! They do most times the prefer a peaceful home than a home of too much problems to much quarrels and argument…it definitely drive him away yes oooooo it will…because he will prefer staying out side than inside the house because of the quarrels and the problems.


WELL!!!!!!!! YES……you know understanding goes a long way and it helps a lot why do i say that okay I want you to give you this example; your husband comes home sober I mean he comes home not smiling and instead of you finding out what wrong you start shouting on him because of the fact he didn’t drop money for you to go to the supermarket before leaving for work…MY DEAR…that is sooooo wrong very wrong…if you understand him and you would first find out what making him that way before asking him for whatever you want to ask him…or rather you first try make him happy before placing your demands…That is understanding trying to change the situation even when it bad…Or rather understanding a negative situation and bringing in some positive than making the situation worst.


YES!!!!!! you believe because your husband has left you then you should stop picking his calls…or rather you start rejecting his calls because you see know relevant calling him…but that not true as he left he can as well come back only depending on your attitude towards him…call him check up on him even when he’s with someone else you are his wife…I mean before divorcing him because after divorcing him you both are totally done so these are things you can do before that time….. check up on him i know it can be very painful and difficult and because of our pride as ladies we will not want to call…so kill your pride i mean kill your pride…and you will be fine…I know must time he can be very aggressive even when you call but remember what I told you be tolerant because you have a goal.


What do i mean when you have put all these tips to practice give space a bit let him think let him make a decision…show him you have changed okay i mean change for real…Not just because you want him back…when you give him time to think and you go back repeat the tips again…definitely they will be a very good outcome…which will put smiles on your face…please and please don’t bug him don’t pester time okay my dear.

Well there are more tips you can use but i really just leveled out the most important tips ones i know will make a change in your life but first you need to know why he left why did he leave me is it because of my character…is it because of the way i dress…or because of another woman…if it is because of another woman then what does she have i don’t have what is she giving him that i cant give him. Well i believe when you find out all these thing you will know how to place the tips….placing these tips can be very difficult because of the heartbreak but i will tell you that everything will be fine…it is better than a divorce….you can get back that love which ones made you soo happy and please don’t rush into any marriage because when you do it ends up this way you have to think and level up everything about this man…all you know about him find out if he really loves you and if he can tolerate your bullshit because you know every woman have bullshit including me love.

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