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How To Get Your Husband Back easily

Marriage is a union between two people ordained by GOD, going biblically, it says “A man will live his house and join with his wife and the two will become one.” ….. that says as a single man you are not complete except you get married, as well as a single woman ….. well I […]

Tips On Keeping Your Man

GET TIPS ON HOW TO KEEP YOUR MAN HAPPY It is one thing to have a relationship and it is another thing to know how to keep your man happy. Men are difficult people to handle, cause they are so unpredictable and we can’t leave without them some people may disagree with me but it […]

Why Must I Date A Man With A Good Job?

Please this topic isn’t for girls below the age of 21 would not advice that because I still believe there are still very young and have the changes of experiencing life dating a man with a job is like the next step of having a serious relationship maybe when thinking of settle down …then I […]
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